Member Profile: Megan Kemmis

In which we get to know our members a little better…

Name: Megan Kemmis
Nationality: Australian

How old were you when you read your first Georgette Heyer novel?

I think I was 14 or 15.

What was it?

Regency Buck.

How did you discover her work?

My mother bought me the book as either a birthday or Christmas present.

Did Heyer lead you to read other authors in similar genres?

I read a lot of Eleanor Hibbert (mainly her novels as Jean Plaidy and Phillippa Carr, not so much her Victoria Holt stuff) but I never found myself re-reading them the way I did (and still do) Georgette.

Which of her books have you read the most often?


Which, if any, would you never read again?

Barren Corn — I read it out of curiosity but I tend to agree with her decision to suppress it. I have actually read Penhallow more than once!

If you could be a Heyer heroine, which would you choose?


Which Heyer hero (or heroine) would make the best husband/wife/partner?

While Freddy would be a charmingly attentive husband, my pick would be Damerel for his intelligence.

How has Georgette Heyer influenced your life?

It’s encouraged me to learn French, particularly to read the sections in Powder and Patch, and to savour the use of the English language.