Member Profile: Ann Burns

In which we get to know our members a little better…

Name: Ann Burns
Nationality: Dual Australian and American nationality.

How old were you when you read your first Georgette Heyer novel?


What was it?

These Old Shades.

How did you discover her work?

Skiving off sport periods by taking care of the tiny 4th & 5th Form fiction collection at Loreto Mandeville in Melbourne – came across These Old Shades and Psmith in the City and never looked back.

Did Heyer lead you to read other authors in similar genres?

From time to time I have tried other Regency novels but they don’t have the same attraction for me. Regency fiction has exploded since I first read GH but back then there was only Barbara Cartland and her books were terrible. I read the one where she plagiarised TOS – enough said.

Which of her books have you read the most often?

A short answer would be: All of them! Cotillion, The Toll-Gate, Frederica, The Talisman Ring, Civil Contract, Sylvester, Venetia, The Grand Sophy, The Unknown Ajax, The Quiet Gentleman. If you had asked me at 14, I would have given different answers.

Which, if any, would you never read again?

The Conqueror, Royal Escape, My Lord John, The Great Roxhythe, Penhallow — I don’t own Pastel, Helen or Instead of the Thorn but wouldn’t re-read them either.

If you could be a Heyer heroine, which would you choose?


Which Heyer hero (or heroine) would make the best husband/wife/partner?


How has Georgette Heyer influenced your life?

It is a certain indicator of a kindred spirit to find someone who also loves Georgette Heyer — have made many friends through her books. It was hard to find editions of her books when I started reading GH so I haunted school fêtes, second-hand bookstores, op shops, which I have done ever since.