Anything on Georgette Heyer is an auto-buy for me. This lovely collection fell unexpectedly into my hands, and I started reading it immediately. I love the respect with which other authors speak of Heyer, and the humour in essays. I like that there are a wide variety of topics. The ‘Bath Tangle’ in the Social Media Age by Anne-Marie Turenne is a hilarious, five-page summary of the book using social media posts. And What I Owe to Georgette Heyer by Cheryl Bolen is a beautiful little love letter to Heyer. For those who have not read Heyer’s complete catalog, there are some spoilers, as to be expected. This is a lovely resource for all fans of Heyer, and is a book that I must own in both electronic and print versions.

— Critter Bee, via NetGalley