Reading Heyer: The Black Moth: Chapter X

In which we serialize Heyer Society editor Rachel Hyland’s first book in her Reading Heyer series, Reading Heyer: The Black Moth. Called “delicious” by Heyer expert Jennifer Kloester, it is a reading guide, critique and loving homage all in one. But mostly, it’s just a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy. Check back every Monday for another installment, or buy the book here.



You may recall that our Jack has been in an agony of mind over allowing Miles to see him in his misbegotten, criminal state, worrying that his friend would refuse to acknowledge him after all that (allegedly) occurred six years earlier. Indeed, he seemed more concerned about being held in contempt for the cheating at cards incident than he was about being hung by his neck until dead – a common punishment for highwaymen at the time. Weird priorities, huh?

Happily for him, however, Sir Miles is beyond delighted to be reunited with his old buddy, card cheating or no, and the two are soon joking around like guys in a college reunion film, but with perhaps a few more “ye”s in place of “you”s. It takes Molly an unconscionably long time to register that her husband and his captive were previously acquainted – adorable, she may be, but quick-witted, not so much – and it is at this point that she eventually retires (as promised in the chapter title).

Jack and Miles share some frank mantalk, discuss the fact that Lavinia never loved brother Richard (no, duh) and profess their undying devotion to one another – although Jack refuses to tell of the fateful night at Dare’s card party that got him exiled from all he held dear, which kind of hurts Miles’s feelings. Then… dammit. More discussion of the awesomeness of Jenny the Wonder Horse?

Dear God!


Seriously, enough with the horse.

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