Project Film Geek Part 1: 1929 (2017) by Rachel Hyland

A B-Movie fanatic learns to appreciate Quality Cinema, one Oscar® nominee at a time…

“It has been brought to my attention that I have poor taste in film. Bad taste, really. Bad.”

So begins Project Film Geek, a program of self-improvement masquerading as snarky and entertaining film reviews of every film ever nominated for the Academy Award® for Best Picture. Starting here with the first Awards, presented in 1929, B-movie fanatic Rachel Hyland attempts to cleanse her cinematic palate by studying the Good and eschewing the So Bad It’s Good.

All she wants to do is join the cinematic intelligentsia. The cintelligentsia. Is that really so hard? Well, the 1929 nominees are all silent films, so what do you think?


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