POLL: Funniest Imbroglio Ending in Heyer

Ah, the patented Heyer imbroglio ending*! A cast of characters brought together to sort out differences and misunderstandings, and to put our happy couple back on their path to lifelong happiness. Which do you find the funniest? Is it Sophy, manipulating everyone at her ancestral home, or Mary Challoner, confronted by some very august personages at a French inn? Is it Sherry, foiling his Kitten’s accidental abduction, or Jack Carstares, foiling his Diana’s very real one? Perhaps it’s Cleone, engaged to too many men, or those poor souls in Bath, tangled up and engaged to the wrong ones? Or perhaps it’s a different imbroglio entirely… Let us know in the comments!

* Term coined by Heyer Society‘s own incomparable¬†Jennifer Kloester.

Funniest Imbroglio Ending in Heyer
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