POLL: Favorite Pet in Heyer

In all of historical romance — indeed, in all of fiction! — Georgette Heyer wrote some of the very best, most adorable and lovable, pets. Which is your favorite? Or is your favorite not here? Let us know in the Comments!  

Name Your Favourite Heyer Pet.
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  1. My favourite, Ulysses – the homeless, tortured little mongrel dog – brought out the best in Arabella Tallant and Robert Beaumaris. Besides Jemmy (the much abused chimney-climbing urchin), Ulysses was one of the major catalysts in the budding romance between Arabella and Mr Beaumaris. [Chapter IX introduced Ulysses.]

  2. Bouncer, Nicholas Carlyon’s devoted and protective half-lurcher, half-mastiff dog (from The Reluctant Widow) deserves to be included on the list of favourite pets.

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