“Musings on Muses” by Various, Publisher’s Weekly

In 2004, Publisher’s Weekly ran a collaborative essay entitled “Musings on Muses”, in which eight romance novelists list their inspirations. Of those, fully half pinpoint Georgette Heyer as among their strongest influences: Connie Brockway, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh and Jo Beverly.

Connie Brockway said:

I adored Heyer’s verbal riposte and historical detail in books like The Grand Sophy. To this day, she remains the author who’s best able to transport me into the world of Regency glitz. She could take a fairly standard plot and, through her gifts with language and character development, write a richly satisfying book.

Mary Balogh said:

“Most of Heyer’s best books were love stories set in Georgian or Regency England, and so are mine. I felt such an overpowering nostalgia for the historical world she recreated in her books that I had to go there myself as a writer.”

Eloisa James said she had read all of Heyer as a teenager, and Mary Balogh had much praise for Venetia and Devil’s Cub:

“…both with dark and dangerous heroes sorted out by sensible women. Damerel in Venetia is a splendid, wounded hero, whereas Vidal in Devil’s Cub is almost a sociopath, but Heyer manages to pull that off, largely because Mary Challoner is a sufficiently sturdy anchor, but also because the Georgian period seems to allow for greater excess.”

We couldn’t agree more.

SOURCE: “Musings on Muses”, Publisher’s Weekly, November 15, 2004, pp. 33.

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