Member Profile: Megan Osmond

In which we get to know our members a little better…

Name: Megan Osmond
Nationality: Australian

How old were you when you read your first Georgette Heyer novel?

13-ish. 37 when I read my first Heyer that I loved.

What was it?


How did you discover her work?

Recommendation from a friend.

Did Heyer lead you to read other authors in similar genres?

No, she was rather part and parcel of early and ongoing forays into Regency romances.

What is the Heyer book you read most recently?

Faro’s Daughter.

Which of her books have you read the most often?


Which, if any, would you never read again?


If you could be a Heyer heroine, which would you choose?

I’d be Deborah Grantham (Faro’s Daughter). She combines passion and sensuality with intelligence, wit, charm, humor, kindness, daring, and mischievousness. She also ends up marrying the richest man in town. I don’t need to be saved in real life, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind being rich!

Which Heyer hero (or heroine) would make the best husband/wife/partner?

Sir Waldo Hawkridge (The Nonesuch) or Lord Damerel (Venetia). Both have intelligence, integrity, humor, empathy and resolve. Also, Damerel has a side of world weariness, whilst Waldo’s is wrapped up in a genuinely good man.

I like Max Ravenscar (Faro’s Daughter) for his arrogance, but he would make a less optimal partner for the same reason.

How has Georgete Heyer influenced your life?

Reading her work helped me through a period of post-natal depression (as mentioned in my Heyer Society essay), which is a pretty good influence!

Megan Osmond uses her Ph.D. in molecular biology to read the chemistry between characters in romance novels. She lives north of Sydney, with her husband and two children.