Mary Jo Putney Interviews the Incredible Jennifer Kloester

Mary Jo Putney!

At Word Wenches, a fabulous blog featuring the musings of a cavalcade of best-selling female authors, Heyer expert and Heyer Society‘s very own Jennifer Kloester was just interviewed by… wait for it… historical romance doyenne Mary Jo Putney.

Discussing her own discovery of Georgette Heyer’s works and offering up many kind words about our essay collection (officially released yesterday!), Jennifer gladdened Heyer Society hearts and raised Heyer Society blushes with her effusive, enthusiastic compliments.

MJP: Heyer Society is a lovely book to browse (starting with the pun in the title! Because “Heyer” is pronounced “Higher.” <G> ) Are there any essays you particularly enjoyed?

JK: So many – it’s a feast of ideas and I loved reading so many different takes on Heyer’s novels. I really enjoyed the essay about the suppressed novels – Heyer’s four contemporaries – especially as the author, Maura Tan, was new to Georgette Heyer and these novels were her introduction.

The essay on Penhallow is a fascinating read. I love Penhallow so at first I wasn’t sure I’d like this essay but read on and you’ll see why it’s so good. Susannah Fullerton’s essay on Jane Austen’s influence on Heyer is delightful, as is Clara Shipman’s wonderful “Learning! with Georgette Heyer”.

Rachel Hyland has contributed three essays to the anthology and I think many Word Wenches fans will totally agree with her thoughts about “Growing Up with Heyer”. Oh, I could go on (and on) but I think readers will have their own favourites because there’s just so much delicious food for thought and for discussion in Heyer Society: the Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer.

What an honor! Read the whole interview here.

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  1. My comment after reading the whole interview:
    I’m currently rereading Jennifer Kloester’s GEORGETTE HEYER’S REGENCY WORLD (2005), a treasure trove of amazing knowledge about the Regency period, particularly in relevance to Georgette Heyer’s Regency novels. Except for the morbid ‘Cousin Kate’, I love all of GH’s romances. My favourites are ‘The Talisman Ring’ (the most hilarious), ‘Cotillion’ (Freddy Standen’s such a darling!), and ‘The Unknown Ajax’ (Hugo Darracott is amusing). I also find the adventures of Gilly Ware, Duke of Sale entertaining and in some parts thrilling.

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