Jennifer Kloester on Georgette’s Christmas

Last Friday, as part of her ongoing Heyer Legacy Project, Jen shared some insights on how Georgette spent her Christmas. Read all about it here.

And catch up on Jen’s series digging deep into Heyer’s life and bibliography:

The Black Moth – from teen novel to enduring best-seller

The Great Roxhythe 1922 & 1929

The Transformation of Philip Jettan

Instead of the Thorn – A daring novel

Who loves Simon the Coldheart?

These Old Shades – always a favourite (Part 1)

These Old Shades – always a favourite (Part 2)

Helen – a very revealing story

The Masqueraders – written in a grass hut

Pastel – telling too much?

Beauvallet – a great adventure

Barren Corn – the fourth and final modern novel

The Conqueror – a deep dive into history

Footsteps in the Dark – the first detective-thriller

Devil’s Cub – “What price a sequel to These Old Shades?”

Why Shoot a Butler? – “A classic tale of crime and detection”

The Convenient Marriage – written at the Sussex Oak

The Unfinished Clue – “pure joy from start to finish”

Death in the Stocks – mirth and murder

The first Regency novel – Regency Buck

Behold, Here’s Poison – “An ingenious poisoning device” 

The Talisman Ring – part one

The Talisman Ring – part two

They Found Him Dead

An Infamous Army – a triumph

A Blunt Instrument – a killing comedy

Royal Escape – a labour of love

No Wind of Blame – a “Prince” of a novel

So perceptive – The Private World of Georgette Heyer

Georgette and the Christmas gift

Really, Jen just knows everything, doesn’t she?