Jennifer Kloester on Georgette Heyer, History and Historical Fiction (2021)

Last Friday, as part of her ongoing Heyer Legacy Project, Jen gave us some thoughts on the new non-fiction work Georgette Heyer, History and Historical Fiction. Read all about it here.

And catch up on Jen’s series digging deep into Heyer’s life and bibliography:

The Black Moth – from teen novel to enduring best-seller

The Great Roxhythe 1922 & 1929

The Transformation of Philip Jettan

Instead of the Thorn – A daring novel

Who loves Simon the Coldheart?

These Old Shades – always a favourite (Part 1)

These Old Shades – always a favourite (Part 2)

Helen – a very revealing story

The Masqueraders – written in a grass hut

Pastel – telling too much?

Beauvallet – a great adventure

Barren Corn – the fourth and final modern novel

The Conqueror – a deep dive into history

Footsteps in the Dark – the first detective-thriller

Devil’s Cub – “What price a sequel to These Old Shades?”

Why Shoot a Butler? – “A classic tale of crime and detection”

The Convenient Marriage – written at the Sussex Oak

The Unfinished Clue – “pure joy from start to finish”

Death in the Stocks – mirth and murder

The first Regency novel – Regency Buck

Behold, Here’s Poison – “An ingenious poisoning device” 

The Talisman Ring – part one

The Talisman Ring – part two

They Found Him Dead

An Infamous Army – a triumph

A Blunt Instrument – a killing comedy

Royal Escape – a labour of love

No Wind of Blame – a “Prince” of a novel

So perceptive – The Private World of Georgette Heyer

Georgette and the Christmas gift

2021 – Georgette Heyer’s Centenary Year!

The Spanish Bride – history brought to life

The Corinthian – a wartime favourite

Envious Casca – a Christmas mystery

Faro’s Daughter – written straight to the typewriter!

Penhallow – NOT a contract-breaking book!

Friday’s Child by Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer – a new appreciation

Really, Jen just knows everything, doesn’t she?